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diamondArt furniture

Brian Rayner can set free function from a tree, while keeping the soul of the wood intact. The shape and inclination of the wood suggests a use, and he finds harmonic elements to support that use, then matches and binds them together into a whole.



Hobbit Chair

Chestnut oak back from the forest floor; cherry seat, legs and arms.
60 x 16 x 24″


Quadrant Table

Double book-face top, cherry with cherry trim. sycamore column on slate. 20″x20″x23″high.

sculpture-table-detail-bowls Cherry side tableReclaimed cherry top with cherry pedestal.
14″e;x 23″e;x25″ high. Hand shaped mulberry bowls.
Cherry Side Table Cherry side table 2015 Reclaimed cherry top with cherry pedestal.
14″x 23″ x 25″ high.

Totem Tables & Stands Natural Earth totems to display your totems and treasured items.
Counter clockwise from top:

Rain Table
Purple heart top, cholo cactus and 1/4 inch brass rods.
24 x 8 x 8″

Altar Table
Figured walnut top, distressed maple legs from the forest floor.
18 x 14 x 10″

Libra Table
Walnut and cedar platforms Great for jewelry display.
14 x 18 x 5″